PE- 16 Eye Shadow Brush Set

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Product details

  • 1. - Eyeliner Brush 
  • 2. - Eye Smudger Brush
  • 3. - Eye Shadow Application Brush
  • 4. - Small Blending Brush 
  • 5. - Medium Blending Brush 
  • 6. - Large Blending Brush 
  • 7. - Concealer Brush 
  • 8. - Eyebrow  Groomer Brush
  • 9. - Small Eye hadow  Applicator Brush
  • 10. - Pencil Smudger Brush 
  • 11. - Flat Eye Shadow Applicator Brush
  • 12. - Cut Crease Brush
  • 13. - Brow Highlighter Brush 
  • 14. - Small Tapered Blending Brush 
  • 15. - Medium Tapered Brush
  • 16. - Large Tapered  Brush
  • Key Feature- Versatile Brush Selection  Superior Quality  Ergonomic Design  How to Use: Start by selecting the appropriate brush for your desired eye makeup technique.  Dip the brush into your favorite eye shadow or pigment, tapping off any excess. Gently sweep the brush across your eyelid or crease, using light, sweeping motions for blending and precise strokes for detailing. Build up the color gradually by layering and blending until you achieve your desired intensity and effect.  Clean the brushes regularly with a gentle brush cleanser or mild shampoo to maintain their performance and longevity. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions): Q: Are these brushes suitable for beginners?  A: Absolutely! The Pro Effex PE-16 Eye Shadow Brush Set is designed for both beginners and professionals. Q: Can these brushes be used with cream or powder eye shadows? A: Yes, these brushes are suitable for both cream and powder eye shadows.  Q: How often should I clean the brushes?  A: It is recommended to clean the brushes at least once a month if you use them regularly.  Q: Can I use these brushes for other purposes, such as applying eyeliner or brow products?  A: While the Pro Effex PE-16 set is primarily designed for eye shadow application, some of the brushes can be used for other purposes like applying eyeliner or filling in brows.

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