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 19 luxury Wooden makeup Brushes Set

19 luxury Wooden makeup Brushes Set

Size: 19 pcs



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No. 0011 Eyeliner brush: Eyeliner Brush is a slim, and sparse tipped brush which is useful to draw a line. One can draw winged or curved lines with this type of eyeliner brush. It also helps draw a fine, chain-free line. The Precision depends on the density of the brush.
No. 0012 Small fan brush: This is an ideal tool for dusting on blush, highlighter, contour powder, bronzer, or loose powder. Medium: You can employ this brush, which is best for smaller areas, for powder or cream shadows, highlighter (especially on the bridge of the nose and Cupid's bow), and even lip products.
No. 0013 Small tapered blending brush: This brush is similar to the fluffy, tapered brush like any other blending brush, but its smaller tip allows for even more precision. A blending brush like this one is really great for applying and blending a cut-crease look.
No. 0014 Eyebrow groomer brush: The pro-Flat Definer Brush is a square, thin brush head with very short, precision bristles. This brush can be used with powders, creams, and gels, and is primarily for applying and smudging eyeliner or carving very specific shapes on eyebrows and liner wings. The other side is combined with a mascara brush which you can use for combing your brows and lashes.
No. 0015 Tapered brush in real hairbrush: This brush is similar to the fluffy, tapered brush above, but its smaller tip allows for even more precision. A blending brush like this one is really great for applying and blending a cut-crease look.
No. 0016 Small Flat Smudger Brush: The mini Flat works great with liquid or cream product because the brush is so dense; to give you super soft smudge. The flat-top gives all over, even coverage over your lid, into the brow bone, or inside your crease.
No. 0017 Med. smudger brush: the smudger brush. Its tightly packed, dome-shaped bristles allow you to easily blend out the cream, pencil, or powder liners, softly diffusing harsh lines on the crease and lash lines. This makes it particularly essential when creating a dramatic, layered, sultry smoky eye.
No. 0018 Small concealer brush: This small concealer brush is speciall desgined to help you to reach the smallest part of your area arround eyes and different part of face. 
No. 0019 Small smudger brush: Small domed-shaped smudge brush. It is Used to blend eye shadow and liner. White fiber hairs assist in precision application, Ideal for a smoky eyeliner look.
No. 0020 Large tapered blending brush: Large Tapered Blending Brush is a dome-shaped diffuser brush with soft, tapered natural fibers, ideal for applying powder and sweeping it over the high points of the face. Also to contour the crease area for effortlessly-blended looks with an instantly-diffused finish.
No. 0021 Large blending brush: A perfect choice for beginners to get the seamlessly perfect blended look. This eye makeup brush can bluff, blend and highlight colors in no time. This eye makeup brushes beautifully blend and finishes a look without any harsh lines.
No. 0022 Large smudger brush: This eye makeup brush is the best for applying the eyeshadow base all over your eye. Be it a power or cream product, a small, dense brush works perfectly for blending and smudging the product. As a beginner, it helps you in the quick application.
No. 0023 Small flat concealer brush: A concealer brush essentially looks like a very small version of a foundation brush. It's shaped like a paintbrush but is slightly denser. When using a concealer brush, apply a small amount of product to the desired area, and then lightly dab onto your skin until it blends in with your foundation.
No. 0024 Straight concealer brush: This straight concealer brush is specially designed to work on a small area of your eye. Its flat and straight-tipped surface will give you amazing defined brows to make them highlight.

  • Product SKU : brwo-001
  • Brand Name : Pro Effex Cosmetic


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